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CRS Rice Bowl 2018 ~ Diocese of Honolulu

Wondering how many Rice Bowls were ordered for your parish or school?  Click here for the list.

OSM has a large order and will be able to provide additional rice bowls as needed.

Please contact Iwie Tamashiro with any questions at (808) 203-6702 or email itamashiro@rcchawaii.org.

Encounter Lent - Share the Journey

We are called to build a culture of encounter.

Jesus made that clear from the way he lived, the message he preached. Pope Francis makes that clear by his own daily example. And we have a host of holy men and women who have come before us, who have gone to the margins of society so that every member of our human family might know the love of God.

Now, it’s our turn. With the spiritual pillars of Lent at our disposal, we set out on a 40-day journey, a journey of encounter with ourselves, our neighbors and our God.

  • Through prayer, we encounter Christ, present in the faces of every member of our human family, so often still walking that long road to Calvary.
  • Through fasting, we encounter our own obstacles, those things about ourselves that prevent us from loving God and neighbor.
  • Through almsgiving, we encounter our brothers and sisters around the world, asking what we can give up so that others might have life to the fullest.

Lent is our time to encounter, to cultivate a spirit of global solidarity. CRS Rice Bowl is our tool, Catholic Relief Services‘ Lenten faith-in-action program for families and faith communities, a vehicle through which the stories of communities around the world can be shared, an invitation through which our prayers and Lenten sacrifices can change lives.

This year’s CRS Rice Bowl provides a unique opportunity to connect with the global migration campaign, Share the Journey, launched by Pope Francis last fall. Through stories, videos, and family activities, we can include migrants and refugees in our Lenten prayers, and remember families who have been through so much as we fast from food, give alms and do works of mercy.

Through CRS Rice Bowl, we hear stories from our brothers and sisters in need worldwide, and devote our Lenten prayers, fasting and gifts to change the lives of the poor. Each day of Lent, individuals are invited to use the Lenten Calendar—included with every CRS Rice Bowl—to guide their Lenten almsgiving. These daily almsgiving activities—for example, give 25 cents for every faucet found in your home—help families reflect on the realities of our brothers and sisters around the world and how they can be in solidarity during the Lenten season.

How will you contribute to the culture of encounter this Lent?


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CRS Rice Bowl 2018 Bulletin Announcements and Prayer Intentions

Hawaii Catholic Herald CRS Articles:

From the Bishop (2018)


Dear Friends in Christ,

Jesus called us to love our neighbor. But, like the scholar in the scripture passage, we may also find ourselves asking, “Who is my neighbor?” This Lent, the U.S Bishops' Catholic Relief Services-CRS Rice Bowl program will help us answer that question.

CRS Rice Bowl is not just about collecting money in a cardboard box. It is literally and symbolically a box full of stories of hope, prayers and opportunities to help put our faith into action and to share our Lenten journey with our neighbor in need, transforming all our lives.

CRS Rice Bowl provides resources to bring a Lenten spirituality of prayer, fasting and almsgiving to life for families, parish, and school communities, while continuing to connect Catholics in our diocese with our brothers and sisters in need around the world...
Read More



Catholic Social Teaching Principles (PDF):

Share Lenten spirituality while introducing students to Catholic Social Teaching and our Gospel call to serve our brothers and sisters around the world. Click on the link above for a hand-out on Catholic Social Teaching. The principles as they correspond with the Stories of Hope in 2018 are as follows:





CRS Rice Bowl can serve as the foundation to your family’s Lenten journey. We know your family is busy; that’s why CRS has created prayer resources and activities to use during dinner, in the car on the way to school or whenever you have just a few moments to gather together, pause and pray. 



CRS has prepared Lenten resources for educators.

Early Learning Centers, Pre-Schools and Kindergarten Classes

Use the links below to download our placemats/coloring sheets prepared especially for your young students for the Lenten season. Of course you can use it any time of the year, perhaps on their feast days ~

Elementary & Middle Schools

Teachers may also find the Stories of the Saints to be an inspiring way of highlighting the focus country featured in the weekly Story of Hope.

High Schools

Religious Education

Lessons and Activities for Youth in the Parish:

Our diocese’s strategic plan “Stewards of the Gospel” challenges the faithful to be evangelizers – that is, to herald the joy of the gospel. Further, we are called to be disciples who LIVE out the gospel message. Evangelization and discipleship is at the heart of Catholic Relief Services’ Rice Bowl program.  

Religious Education students at St. Benedict study, pray, and taste the Rice Bowl meal prepared by their catechists.


Youth Ministry (High School Age)



Young Adults



CRS Ambassadors

Catholic Relief Services Student Ambassadors from Chaminade University of Honolulu engage and spread awareness about global and local emergencies and injustices through campaigns, prayer services, and advocacy. They have the opportunity to learn about global poverty and injustice to educate their peers; develop leadership skills to engage the campus community; and use God's love as a way to cultivate global discipleship.

CRS Student Ambassadors with the CRS Global Solidarity Coordinator, Thomas Awiapo (middle) of Ghana



For more Hawaii Rice Bowl information, please go to:

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February 2018

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    Annual Conference of Catholic Educators
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March 2018

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