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Content Options for Parish Bulletin Inserts and Social Media 

"The Pastoral Plan of the Diocese of Honolulu, Stewards of the Gospel, outlines four strategic priorities.  All are interwoven with the vital threads of Stewardship, Evangelization and Social Ministry to help deepen our faith and to send us forth as joyful missionaries equipped to witness to Jesus by living and sharing our faith with all in Hawaii."

Bishop Larry Silva, Diocesan Pastoral Plan 2016-2020

To support your efforts at using various media for faith formation, we offer you these content areas for you to consider including in your weekly bulletin as well as other media (websites, newsletters, Facebook/Twitter feeds, Email blasts).  To use any of these options, we only ask that you credit the author.


Weekly Reflections on Catholic Evangelization, aka, "Living Catholic in the 808"

(NOTE: The "Living Catholic in the 808" weekly reflections will be continued featuring the Very Reverend Monsignor Gary L. Secor, and will now be updated on Wednesday.)


PDF and Word Reflection for Sunday, January 13

PDF and Word Reflection for Sunday, January 20



Original Order Bulletin Inserts


General Announcement in Word

Five Inserts on Original Order in Word

Another Option of Three Inserts on Original Order in Word



Weekly Bulletin Briefs from Intl. Catholic Stewardship Council for December 2018 & January 2019

Bulletin/Social Media Briefs for December in Word in English and in Spanish

Bulletin/Social Media Briefs for January in Word in English and in Spanish



Weekly Intercessions for Life and Bulletin/Social Media Briefs from Word of Life for December 2018 & January 2019

Prayer Intercessions for December in Word

Bulletin/Social Media Briefs for December in Word


Featured in January in Word

Prayer Intercessions for January in Word

Bulletin/Social Media Briefs for January in Word



Rachel's Vineyard Weekend Retreats Bulletin Inserts


Bulletin Inserts for Rachel's Vineyard Weekend Retreats for May 24-26, 2019
  and October 18-20, 2019 in Word

or go to the Rachel's Vineyard Parish Resource webpage.



For questions or suggestions, please contact Chad Chun: Email or 808.203.6747  (Toll Free 877.263.8855 Ext. 747)