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Bishop Silva appeals to Mainland Catholics for Volcano Relief & Recovery

July 23, 2018

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:


Since early May, 2018 the world has watched the flaming fountains of lava on Hawaii Island. Hundreds
of residents are facing a devastating loss of homes, jobs and increasing health issues due to the continued
eruptions and toxic gases from Kilauea Volcano. Fortunately, our local communities have been rallying
together in resilient fashion, aided by Hawaii’s National Guard and other organizations, to provide relief
and recovery. One of the most inspiring images of hope has the been the miraculous Sacred Heart Shelter
of 20 emergency houses built by people young and old of all faiths on diocesan property next to Sacred
Heart Catholic Church, Pahoa. (See HOPE Services website, noted below.)

HOPE Services Hawaii and Catholic Charities Hawaii, both social service organizations sponsored by the
Diocese of Honolulu, have been collaborating with community partners from the private and public
sectors to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable. But in addition to these inspiring responses there
is much more that needs to be done for long-term recovery, and we ask for your help.

Recently while at the USCCB semi-annual meeting, many bishops compassionately approached me
offering their concern and asking how they might help. As a result I have initiated a special relief and
recovery collection, with the hope that local contributions will be supplemented by donations from our
brothers and sisters from the mainland and around the world. The funds collected will go to the following:

  • Financial assistance: household supplies, gas, food, water, clothing
  • Emergency temporary shelters: construction and operational costs to temporarily shelter
    impacted residents
  • Housing assistance: short and long term housing support, including rent assistance and housing
  • Long term recovery: support for survivors throughout their recovery.

For all here in Hawaii I ask your prayers, and thank you in advance for your generosity in responding to
those in need as together we witness to Jesus. Tax deductible contributions may be sent to HOPE
Services Hawaii at 296 Kilauea Avenue, Hilo, HI 96720; or on line at www.hopeserviceshawaii.org. Be
sure to designate your donation for “Lava Recovery.” Mahalo (thank you) for your concern and your
generosity to those in need!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Larry Silva
Bishop of Honolulu

A pdf of Bishop's appeal can be downloaded HERE.

Watch the Office of Social Ministry video "Sacred Heart Shelter" HERE.