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Prayers for the People of Hawaii Island & Kauai

May 17, 2018

Special Message from the Bishop

Dear Friends,

I ask every parish in the diocese to offer prayers for the people of the Big Island, who are suffering from the effects of the volcanic eruption; and for the people of Kauai, who are recovering from floods.  Below are samples that could be used:

  • That all on the Island of Hawaii may be safe from the effects of the volcanic eruptions, and that those eruptions will soon cease, we pray to the Lord.

  • That all who were affected by the recent flooding, especially in Kauai, will be afforded the means to rebuild their homes and their livelihoods through the generous care of all the members of the Church, we pray to the Lord.

Thank you!

+ Larry Silva
Most Reverend Clarence (Larry) Silva
Bishop of Honolulu