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It's Confirmation Season: Bishop celebrating 27 of 47 Ceremonies

May 5, 2017

By Patrick Downes
Hawaii Catholic Herald

Bishop Larry Silva is celebrating 27 out of 47 parish Confirmation ceremonies in the diocese this year. Vicar general Msgr. Gary Secor will celebrate 17, with three parishes celebrating with their pastor.

Most confirmations are administered during the season of Easter -- this year from Easter Sunday, April 15, until Pentecost Sunday, June 4. Some of the ceremonies will occur after that.

Next year will be the last year in which confirmations will be administered as a regular practice to high school students.

Last year the diocese introduced a five-year process which will restore the reception of the three sacraments of initiation -- Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Communion -- to their "original" order.  After the process is completed in 2020, confirmation at all parishes in Hawaii will be received in the second grade, with first Holy Communion.

Baptism will still be regularly given to infants.  First Penance, though not a sacrament of initiation, will continue to be administered in the second grade, before Confirmation and first Holy Communion.

Each Hawaii parish was given the option of making the transition to the original order in 2018 (group one), 2019 (group two) or 2020 (group three).

In its transition year, on Pentecost, the priests of each parish group will confirm all children in grades two through 12.  The following year, the bishop will confirm children at their first Holy Communion Mass.

In 2018, priests in group one parishes will confirm those in grades two-12 on Pentecost, May 20.  That year, the bishop will confirm those in ninth grade and above in groups two and three.

In 2019, the bishop will confirm the second graders in group one.  The priests in group two parishes will confirm those in grades two-12 on Pentecost, June 9.

In 2020, the bishop will confirm second graders in groups one and two.  The priests from parishes in group three will confirm those in grades two-12 on Pentecost, May 31.

In 2021, the bishop will confirm all second graders.  The vicar general will continue to administer some of the confirmations for the bishop.

The one parish not affected by these changes is the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace.  It already has been administering the sacraments in their original order for about 20 years.

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