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Heroic Mothers in the Bible

May 12, 2017

by Marge Fenelon

On Mother's Day, we think lovingly about the women who mother us, either physically or spiritually, and we're compelled to honor them for who they are and all that they've done for us.

There are other mothers, however, who deserve honor as well. These are the mothers of the Bible who through their motherhood have contributed to the founding and building of the Church. The Bible contains accounts of heroic women whose virtuous actions paved the way for the fulfillment of God's plan of salvation.

While the Virgin Mary is the best-known mother in the Bible, this Mother's Day it's worth noting four other women, especially considering how their motherhood impacted the People of God.

The first is the mother of the seven sons in the Second Book of Maccabees who all perished at the hand of the wicked King Antiochus because they refused to violate God's law and eat pork (2 Mc 7). Read more...