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Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Deferred

March 23, 2017

From Eva Andrade
Hawaii Family Forum

The House Health Committee, under the decision-making power of Rep. Della Au Belatti and unanimous consent, deferred decision making on the physician-assisted suicide bill yesterday.  What that means is that the bill is on hold, for now.

Although this may seem like the battle is over, we must stay vigilant!  Proponents are most likely regrouping to see what they can do to keep the bill alive for this session. 

We ask that do you do these things as soon as you can:

1)      Say a prayer of thanksgiving!

2)      Contact Rep. Della Au Belatti at (808) 586-9425 and thank her for deferring SB1129.  Tell her that you appreciate that she did not move the bill forward because you oppose assisted suicide.  Please also contact the rest of the Health Committee and thank them as well.  That list is here.

3)      Stay tuned.  Compassion and Choices will most likely try to get the bill pulled from the committee. 

Mahalo for all your prayers and support.  We appreciate all the community members who came out yesterday to stand in unity against SB 1129 SD2.