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The Way of the Cross for Vocations

February 27, 2017

In the Christian West few pious practices are as loved as the Way of the Cross, a devotion which recalls with mindful affection the last stage of the journey that Jesus walked in his earthly life.  

The links below are to several versions of the Way of the Cross, produced by Bishop Larry Silva, for Vocations. These are being made available, free of charge, to anyone who would like to use them.

English version - http://catholichawaii.org/media/647036/way-of-the-cross-updated.pdf

English print version - http://catholichawaii.org/media/647037/way-of-the-cross-print-updated.pdf

Bilingual version - http://catholichawaii.org/media/647038/way-of-the-cross-bilingual-updated.pdf

Bilingual print version - http://catholichawaii.org/media/647039/way-of-the-cross-bilingual-print-updated.pdf

Spanish version - http://catholichawaii.org/media/647040/way-of-the-cross-spanish.pdf

Spanish print version - http://catholichawaii.org/media/647041/way-of-the-cross-spanish-print-version.pdf