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Hurricane Harvey Emergency Collection

August 28, 2017

From Most Reverend Jose' H. Gomez
Archbishop of Los Angeles
Vice President, USCCB

Over the past several days, all of us have been following the historic flooding in southeast Texas. Hurricane Harvey has created an unprecedented and catastrophic weather event of immense proportions. The hurricane may now, quite possibly, also strike Louisiana. Our partners at Catholic Charities USA have conveyed that, along with Category 4 hurricane winds, 14-28 inches of rain fell in the Houston area on Saturday night alone. In some areas, it is anticipated that a total of 50 inches will fall, as the rains are expected to continue for at least another two days. Twelve million persons were under a flash flood warning over the weekend. Rivers will be rising and will be at historic flood stages for some time.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families that have lost loved ones and to all who have lost homes and businesses along with their sense of peace and normalcy. Our prayerful and financial support is urgently needed.

Since the Diocese of Honolulu has the annual collection for The Catholic University of America (CUA) scheduled for September 9-10, parishes are being asked that this emergency collection for Hurricane Harvey be taken on an alternate weekend and that funds be remitted to the Diocesan Finance Office for distribution to the appropriate agency as soon as possible. This emergency collection will be used both to support the humanitarian and recovery efforts of Catholic Charities USA and to provide pastoral and rebuilding support to impacted dioceses through the USCCB.

Please know that I am grateful for your many actions of generosity and prayerful solidarity.



Hurricane Harvey Rainfall forecast for Aug 27 through Sept 1. A further 20+ inches of rain is predicted for the Houston area.









A Texas National Guard soldier carries a woman out of a flooded building during rescue operations in Houston, Texas.

By The National Guard - Texas National Guard, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=61978551