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Catechetical Foundations Courses

The Holy Father, in his encyclical “Evangelii Gaudium” challenged the laity to stay true to the Church's central mission of preaching "the beauty of the saving love of God made manifest in Jesus Christ". The Diocesan Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry has a wonderful opportunity to take on this challenge from Pope Francis and to fulfill the call of the “New Evangelization” championed by Pope John Paul II by using modern methods of catechesis to empower youth and young adult ministry leaders and volunteers to bring Christ to all people.

Web-based Catechetical Foundations courses

Recent advancements in video and web technology have now given us the ability to establish effective catechetical training in a dynamic and easily accessible way. With the onset of all the resources now available to us, the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry proposes the establishment of a Web based Catechetical Foundations program.

The program will include 5 core catechetical courses all which will be taught via an online video conferencing platform followed by a one-week assessment period hosted through Facebook by the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry.

  • The 5 Core Catechetical Courses that will be offered are: 1) Foundations of Catholic Doctrine 2) Introduction to Sacred Scripture 3) Foundations of Catholic Morality 4) Overview of Unique Catholic teachings 5) Introduction to Service and Catholic Social Teaching
  • Each of the courses will be taught during 5 separate 2-hour classes on the ZOOM video conference platform.  You will receive access to the dedicated ZOOM link for the class once we receive your registration.
  • At the conclusion of each class the participants will be added to a private Facebook group page to answer selected questions in order to assess their knowledge of the concepts covered in the completed class. Upon completion of each course, participants will receive credit towards Track 1 Bearers of the Light certification.
  • The Facebook page will be moderated by the diocesan director, the specific teacher of the individual courses, as well as other appointed catechists (as appointed by the diocesan director).