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We should always be reminded that our parishes and diocese, our programs and institutions, are not ultimately for ourselves and our own spiritual growth.  they are meant to equip us for our mission of taking the Gospel of Jesus to those people and places that have not yet embraced our Lord and his Way.

Bishop Larry Silva, in his letter introducing the Diocesan Pastoral Plan, 2016-2020

Evangelization Workshop Topics: Empowering you and your parish to share the faith

  • GASP!  What (Do) We Need to Share About Our Faith?! What is the absolute, bare "minimum" basics I need to be able to share with others?  "GASP" is easy for you to learn and easy to get parents and kids of all ages to learn and use too!
  • Bible Talk for Catholics  Forget that saying that Catholics don't know the Bible!  At this session, you will recognize and gain confidence that you already know a lot about Scripture.  Get better at sharing Jesus stories that matter to you and in helping parents, kids and families to do the same.
  • Dealing with the "Sticky" Questions Adults, including parents, do not need to learn all the places in the Bible and the Catechism that explain why Catholics do this and that practice, why we believe "this" but not "that."  Learn and practice an easy to use, completely adaptable 2-step process that you can teach other adults so we can respond to anyone who asks us any question about the faith.   Tough faith situations that Catholic children face will also be addressed.
  • Talking Church, Eucharist and Mass with Loved Ones and Strangers Alike.  Yes, Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith.  But, we still need to help others to know what the Eucharist means to us in ways that can impact them, esp. since so many Christian churches also speak about Communion.  And what about our Catholic loved ones who don’t go to Mass – how do we help them?.

The "Fine Print"

What: A workshop on these or another evangelization topic
When:  Any weekday evening or Saturday
Time: Each topic can be offered in a 90 minute or 3 hour version.  All 4 sessions can be offered as part of an all-day workshop 
Where: Scheduled at your parish, opened to your vicariate, Available for all islands.
Cost: FREE!!  (Thanks to you and the Grateful Hearts Campaign!)

Contact Kristina at kdeneve@rcchawaii.org to schedule your workshop today


Some Good Evangelization Resources

St. Paul Street Evangelization - The Diocese of Honolulu is sponsoring start-up teams.  Contact Kristina at if you want to examine the member resources or are ready to get a team going today!

21st Century Catholic Evangelization - a blog featuring posts with some of the country's leaders in parish/diocesan evangelization

Paulist Evangelization Ministries - great options for reaching inactive Catholics as well as those unfamiliar with our faith



Questions, Comments, Suggestions?  

Contact Kristina at kdeneve@rcchawaii.org