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Bishop's Reflections

  • Bishop Silva's 2017 Chrism Mass Homily

    Bishop Larry Silva
    April 06, 2017

    Some friends whose wedding I celebrated almost thirty years ago visited me last Christmastime.  Before they married, they told me the story of their first date.  They were in college, and after a nice dinner together, they went to get ice cream cones.  Before they finished the cones, however, they both had to rush home to study for a test.  She decided to put her half-eaten ice cream cone in the freezer so that she could ke...

  • Bishop's Homily for the 5th Sunday of Lent

    Bishop Larry Silva
    April 02, 2017

    [St. Catherine Church, Kapaa] The Pyramids of Egypt. The Taj Mahal of India. People flock to them from all over the world to marvel at their architectural genius and their grandeur. Do you realize, however, that these and some of the most monumental structures in the world were built as tombs? Many cultures pay great honor to the dead by building them beautiful places of rest. But as we reflect today on the raising of Lazarus from the dead, a...

  • Bishop's Homily for the Fourth Sunday of Lent

    Bishop Larry Silva
    March 26, 2017

    Fourth Sunday of Lent, Year A – [Holy Rosary Parish, Pahala; Sacred Heart Parish, Naalehu] A few weeks ago the brother of my best friend was killed in a motorcycle accident.  As he pulled out of a driveway, a car hit him, and the driver said, “I didn’t see him pulling out.”  We know that such a thing could happen to any of us, because for an instant we can become distracted, or someone may carelessly enter ou...

  • Bishop's Homily for the Third Sunday of Lent

    Bishop Larry Silva
    March 19, 2017

    Third Sunday of Lent, Year A – [St. Joseph Church, Hilo (with celebration of patronal feast of St. Joseph)] When you pray, you do not always obtain what you want.  Often God, in his mysterious way, gives you something even better. The Samaritan woman was not just looking for water when she went to that well at noon.  Most women were smart enough to draw their water from the well early in the morning before the heat of th...

  • Bishop's Homily for the 2nd Sunday of Lent

    Bishop Larry Silva
    March 12, 2017

    Second Sunday of Lent, Year A – [Maria Lanakila Church, Lahaina; Sacred Hearts Mission, Kapalua] Last year as we were preparing the diocesan budget, we decided to give our employees a 2% cost of living increase.  This is modest, and our employees work very hard.  It is also something that most employers do every year.  I am not an economist by any means, but it occurred to me that if all employers give their employees a c...

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